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Cole and Amber – Married

What style, what class, what an awesome bride and groom! Every detail was lovely and every emotion exciting and real. WeView full post »

Jonathan – Head Shots and More

Jonathan isn’t just a triple threat performer, he’s a quadruple threat because he can sing, dance, act, andView full post »

Yoga – Dance – Movement

“A photographer gets people to pose for him. A yoga instructor gets people to pose for themselves.” ~TerriView full post »

Caribbean Romp

Get away, be warm and in the sun. Grand Turk, San Juan, and St. Tomas. Lovely places.View full post »

Paris – Class of 2015

Paris, the one and only. She’s such a cool girl, chill personality, and easy to talk to person! The SHOES, theView full post »

Dan and Danielle – Engaged

I met Danielle in Iowa State University’s student run ballroom dancing club, Cyclone Ballroom, in college! WeView full post »

Tomas and Lindsey – Engaged

Lindsey and Tomas, everyone!! Lindsey is a photographer too, check out her work: Proper Penguin Photo! I’ll say itView full post »

Kolton – Class of 2015

Kolton is super cool. He’s a member of Ankeny Centennial High School’s varsity show choir, Spectrum. They&#View full post »

Logan – Class of 2015

Logan is a baseball player with the Ankeny Hawks! We had a great time incorporating his baseball skills into his seniorView full post »


I LOVE ALBUMS!!!! These 100% custom designed, one-of-a-kind, top quality, gorgeous pieces of art are the crown jewel ofView full post »

Dakota – Class of 2015

What can I say about this girl?! You know what gets me fired up? Working with people who have talent and passion –View full post »

Natasha – Class of 2015

Natasha was so lovely to photograph! She plays trumpet in Roosevelt High School’s marching band and is involvedView full post »

Jake – Class of 2015

Three things that make Jake awesome: 1. He’s a pretty fly show choir guy. 2. He’s an all-state singer (whichView full post »

Salsa Des Moines – Masquerade Ball

Des Moines is blessed to have a vibrant Latin Dance community – and at the heart of it is Salsa Des Moines. SalsaView full post »

Mallory – Class of 2015

Mallory was delightful to photograph! She’s a show choir girl, a member of Ankeny High School’s VisualView full post »

Ethan and Mandie – Engaged

First off, Ethan and Mandie are getting married at the Barnes’ Place – one of the most beautiful weddingView full post »

Kelly – Class of 2015

This is a real beautiful human – inside and out. When a senior is so willing to allow me to capture them it’View full post »

Dwight and Tammy – Engaged

I’ve know Dwight my whole life… he’s my UNCLE! And I’m excited to know Tammy for the rest of myView full post »

Taylor and Brandi – Married

Taylor and Brandi’s wedding day was that “one last beautiful picnic day in October”. Outdoors it wasView full post »

Chris and Jenni – Engaged

These two are a wedding photographer’s dream – kind, beautiful, and soooo in love!! They’re ISU GradsView full post »

Keeling Family – Fall 2014

It’s always wonderful to get these four in front of my camera. Can’t get enough of the silliness, smiles,View full post »

Chris and Jessica – Married

So much love in this wedding day! Every second was happy, exciting, and just perfect. Chris and Jessica were married atView full post »

Jordan – Class of 2015

Such personality, beauty, and sass!! Jordan made her senior shoot fun! I loved all the suggestions she had – itView full post »

The Forinash Family

Sankes and snails and puppy dog tails. And add in energy, smiles, and a whole lot of laughter (and nose pulling). TheseView full post »

Morgan – Class of 2015

Morgan was soooooo fun to photograph! We talked about her spanish class viaje to Spain, her passion for working withView full post »

Jared and Lindsey – Married

After Jared and Lindsey’s engagement shoot in the middle of February (needless to say it was quite cold) I wasView full post »

Marvin and Michelle – Fall Portraits

Marv and Michelle first met me when I was a cute little 7 year old when they moved in next door to us. I clearlyView full post »

Alek and Vanessa – Engaged

I met Vanessa studying abroad in Northern Italy! We’ve stayed in touch and now I get to shoot her wedding inView full post »

LB – Class of 2015

LB!! She’s a dancer, cheerleader, show choir goddess, and really super photogenic! View full post »

Quetico Canoe Wilderness Adventure

Disconnect and reconnect. Restore focus and fall back in love with creating authentic images. Some other cool guys and IView full post »

Alec and Holly – Engaged

Visually define a beautiful couple…. well, see below. Alec and Holly were amazing to photograph (oh, and Herkey,View full post »

Jackson and Jessica – Married

Where do I begin? First off, these two are perfect together. They compliment one another in every way. PhotographingView full post »

The Clough Family

This is the Clough Family! We had a great time wandering around downtown Des Moines shooting family photos! Nancy, theView full post »

Melissa – Class of 2015

It’s always a good sign that your senior is rocking their shoot when random people on the street ask if we’View full post »

Connor – Class of 2015

Great guy deserves great photos! Thanks for going along with my crazy photo ideas, Connor! Oh, check out the wholeView full post »

The McGill Family

Photographing the McGill family was such a delight! Such nice, wonderful people – and photogenic!! SELFIE!!!!View full post »

Serenity – Newborn

Serenity – what a perfect baby girl! She slept for just a little bit but then was wide awake! Babies sure do runView full post »

Houston Family

Meet the Houston family! They were wonderful to photograph! As always, the littlest, Jack, stole the show! What a cutieView full post »

Amber and Cole – Engaged

A summer evening, a great couple, and their love. Amber and Cole were wonderful to photograph. Looking forward to theirView full post »

Dalal – Princess in a Palace

This is Dalal, she is stunning in all regards – a kind person, a gorgeous woman, and a wonderful friend. Not toView full post »

Alec – Class of 2015

This guy is a cool human and he sure set the bar high for my class of 2015 senior portrait season! We had a great timeView full post »

Daniel and Heidi – Engaged

Daniel and Heidi are getting married in JAMAICA!!! How stinking cool is that?!! So happy we had the chance to make someView full post »

Katie and Tim – Married

The playful, silly, genuine connection between Tim and Katie is what I absolutely love to be able to capture as aView full post »

Mylah – Three Years Old

This little girl is a riot of curiosity, imagination, and joy. Photographing her and her beautiful mother, Shylah, isView full post »

Taylor and Brandi – Engaged

Taylor and Brandi are getting married in October and I can’t wait to capture their wedding day! Their engagementView full post »

Alyssa – Class of 2015

This is Alyssa!! She’s a swimmer and an all around beautiful person! View full post »

Cahlen and Megan – Married

Megan and Cahalen were married at the Saints Center in Stuart, Iowa and it was beautiful. I was just a “guest&#View full post »

Jackson and Jessica – Engaged

Jackson and Jessica are getting married this July at Lake Panorama and (especially!!) after their engagement session IView full post »

Bri – 2014 Senior

Isn’t Bri just the cutest!?! We had so much fun running around Des Moines to shoot as much as we could beforeView full post »

Warren and Kim – Married

Warren and Kim were married at Summerset Winery in Indianola and it was beautiful. Everyone stayed at “the Inn&#View full post »

Rachel – Dance Photos – Class of 2014

This is my ridiculously talented little sister, Rachel. We shot the first portion of her senior photos in southernView full post »

Ben and Allie – Five and Three Years Old

Ben and Allie are A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E!! Photographing them was absolutely wonderful – we had so much fun exploring theView full post »

Lindsey – 21st Birthday Portraits

One of Lindsey’s birthday presents was MEEEE!!!! Well, a photo shoot with me to capture her youth and beauty asView full post »

Stephanie – Head Shots and Interactive Imagery

I had the opportunity to photograph Iowa State University’s 2014 summer orientation. My job was to be a sneakyView full post »

David – Class of 2014

Save the best for last? Perhaps! David was a member of Spectrum, Ankeny Centennial High School’s varsity showView full post »

Jared & Lindsey – Engaged

Jared and Lindsey put up with me and my insane photo craziness like champs! It was freezing cold, windy, and snowingView full post »

Kyle – Class of 2014

Kyle got a motorcycle for his 16th birthday – that makes him the coolest person I’ve ever met. Jealous. He&#View full post »

Olivia – Senior

Shooting a senior photo session two days after a major blizzard in the middle of winter in Iowa… I was pretty sureView full post »

Kasi – 2014 Senior – Des Moines Shoot

Kasi is from Corydon, Iowa – a gorgeous little small town about a half hour from the Missouri boarder. Kasi lovesView full post »

Chris – 2014 Senior

I first met Chris when he was a little kid as a Tenderfoot (the starting rank in Boy Scouts). Well now he’s anView full post »

Jason and Melissa – Married

Jason and Melissa were married at the very top of the Ruan Center building in downtown Des Moines – the secondView full post »

Dakota Park

I was stoked to have the chance to photograph Dakota Park for their new CD (came out late Spring 2014)! Dakota Park isView full post »

Western Caribbean – Cruise 2014

We had to get out of this never ending Iowa winter so far south we went – on a 7 night cruise to Cozumel, BelizeView full post »

Rachel – Class of 2014

This girl is one of my favorite people IN THE ENTIRE WORLD!!! She’s kind, hard working, talented, and so beautifulView full post »

Alex and Hayley – Wedding

I was introduced to Alex and Hayley through Alex and my mutual passion for photography. Serving as a weddingView full post »

Ankeny Centennial High School Show Choir Seniors

Here are the photos I shot for Ankeny Centennial High School’s 2014 show choir seniors in Spectrum and EternalView full post »

Adrian – 7 Months

Look at those big dark eyes! This is Adrian and he is adorable! If everyone would keep their focus on my camera lens asView full post »

Hayley – 2014 Senior

This is Hayley! Not even joking – she is the nicest person in the entire world. There is nobody nicer than her.View full post »

Private: Tina – 2014 Senior

This is Tina! You’ll realize soon after scrolling down that she’s a member of Ankeny High School MarchingView full post »

Glenn and Amanda – Wedding

Everything about Glenn and Amanda’s wedding day was beautiful! It was the iconic “Grand” wedding &#View full post »

Prom 2014 – Ankeny Centennial High School

How would you describe prom to someone who has never heard of it? It’s like a big pretend wedding between 500View full post »

Jason and Melissa – Engaged

Jason and Melissa will be getting married at the top of the Ruan Center in downtown Des Moines and I can’t waitView full post »

Kelsey – Class of 2014

Kelsey and I had a blast shooting her senior photos downtown. The river was even so low we shot standing on the riverView full post »

Luke – 2014 Senior

Luke is one of the Drum Majors of the Ankeny High School Marching Hawks! That’s a super impressive position ofView full post »

The Henry Family

I am so lucky to know the Henry family. They’re wonderful people and I am always thrilled when I get any of themView full post »

Hibah – Model Portfolio

Hibah is stunning – just perfection! I can’t wait to travel to her homeland of Kuwait and have a photo shootView full post »

Carlos and Amy – Wedding

Garden weddings are the bomb. I had a garden wedding myself and I’m so happy Amy and Carlos did too. My firstView full post »

Kasi – Senior 2014 – Corydon Shoot

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again! I love countryside shoots! Kasi looked amazing with the horsesView full post »

Nikolas and Kelli – Wedding

Nickolas and Kelli’s wedding day was a “Winter Wonderland” – complete with a sanctuary filledView full post »

Gracie – 2 Years

Gracie is Two and she is adorable!View full post »

Justin and Anja – Wedding

Textures, emotion, details, lovely light, and amazing energy!!  This was a “country wedding” and it wasView full post »

Josh and Josie – Wedding

These people are rock stars. I had been looking forward to this wedding FOREVER!!!! AHHHH!!! It was an absolute riot &#View full post »

Ella – Winter Portraits

My wife met Ella, the lovely lady pictured below, while they were both studying abroad in central Spain. Ella is aView full post »

Jacqueline – Model Portfolio

Jacqueline is an aspiring actress and model currently living in Los Angeles, California! We got together and shot someView full post »

Daniel – Class of 2014

This is Daniel – tech guy, Ford enthusiast, and senior at Ankeny Centennial High School! He was so natural inView full post »

Prom 2013

Oh prom! This is the awesome group that my little sister and her boyfriend (center in top photo – peach dress)View full post »

Des Moines Dance Classic -2013

I was lucky enough, again this year, to photograph the Des Moines Dance Classic put on by Cannon Studios out of CedarView full post »

Will – 6 Months

Will! What a perfect, happy baby boy!! We had several outfits to shoot with but there’s nothing better than aView full post »

Downs Kids

This is how this photo shoot came about: After a senior shoot I was instructed by my mother-in-law to head over to theView full post »

Jobe and Christiana – Engaged

I first met Christiana on a photo shoot – we set up the shoot to add some shots to her model portfolio. I rememberView full post »

Powers Family

This is the Powers family! I shot Logan last year and now I got to shot them all!! (that never fails at sounding reallyView full post »

The Andrew Family

This is the Andrew family. The parents and sisters all sport first names that begin with the letter “J”.View full post »

Karson and Rosie – 1 Year

Awww, Karson and Rosie are cousins and are both one year old! We worked through a few tears and got some lovely imagesView full post »

Caitlyn – Model Portfolio

Caitlyn is an aspiring actress and model. She’s heading off to South Korea very soon and needed to build a modelView full post »

Rachel – 2014 Senior

Rachel “basically plays every instrument… ever”. So we had to have a few photos with two of herView full post »

Kent Family Photos

This is the Kent family. They were pretty awesome to photograph. Aren’t those little dudes’ tennis shoesView full post »

Josh and Josie – Engaged

Josh and Josie are rock stars… no really, they are rock stars.  They’re Dakota Park, check ‘em out!!View full post »

Jason and Jauna – Wedding

Jason and Jauna – what a lovely small-town Iowan wedding. I had been anxious to shoot this couple’s weddingView full post »

Justin and Anja – Engaged

Iowa Farm, sunset, couple being gorgeous – anything better?View full post »

Ash Wednesday – Rapper

White girl rapper from Iowa – word. Keeping up with the best of them – check out Ashley’s EP and herView full post »

Matt – 2014 Senior

This is Matt – between stepping on dead Fish, almost getting arrested for shooting by the World Food PrizeView full post »

Sergei and Ania

Sergei Shapoval and Ania Tarnowska,  professional ballroom dances, performed at the Nebraska Invitational DanceView full post »

Salsa Des Moines at Exile Brewing Co.

On May 25th, Salsa Des Moines hosted a salsa event at Exile Brewing Co. (way cool restaurant and brewery, check it outView full post »

Great Gatsby

We were excited about the movie premier so why not dress up?! It made the experience so much better. View full post »

Ryan and Jodi – Wedding

I met Jodi in Italy so needless to say I was excited to photograph her wedding. After having the pleasure ofView full post »

Cylus – Labradoodle Puppy

The newest addition to the Statler Family – Culys. Guess he’d be my newpew-dog. Lesson: shoot ‘em lotsView full post »

Prom 2013 – Rachel & Jonathan and Paris & Aaron

Capturing times like these is really great. What nice couples!View full post »

CUBE – That Funny Looking Toaster Car

After driving a true master of self-disassembly for seven years through high school and college it was time for anView full post »

Ashley – Hair by Josh Mayhugh

Josh Mayhugh, a cosmetology student and good friend of mine, and I collaborated to make these photos of his amazing workView full post »

Mylah – 19 Months

This was a special shoot with my darling little niece, Mylah, for her Grandma’s birthday gift! I dare you to thinkView full post »

Alyssa – Girl on Fire

Alyssa was the “Fire” element of our elements shoot – there was an Earth, Water, Ice, and of courseView full post »

Sam – Senior

This is Sam: show choir stud, heavy metal fan, All-State singer, future UNI Panther, and true a charmer. Despite theView full post »

Tia – Celebrity Bio Shots

This is Tia – the owner of Ayden Lee in Ames. It’s a wonderful store with awesome fashions – men&#View full post »

Kearsten – Fierce

Hair and Make-Up by MirandaJo. Kearsten is fierce.View full post »

Jennifer – My Mother-in-Love

This is Jennifer – she’s a mother, wife, Gammy-Sue, actress, substitute teacher, and usually the life of theView full post »

Allison Family

What a good looking family in the snow! Alison had to share a bit of the camera’s attention while we squeezed inView full post »

Rachel – Pin-Up

Here’s another set of photos from Alex Egeland’s RAW shoot in early February, at Ayden Lee. Enjoy the Pin-UpView full post »

Jason and Jauna – Engaged

On top of the pleasure of driving through Iowa’s gorgeous country during this lovely season, I also got to shootView full post »

Nashville Master Songwriter Series

Billy Dean, Dan Mahar, Josh Sinclair, Josie Ochanpaugh, and Chandra Knudsen at the first Nashville Master SongwriterView full post »

Donna Edelstein – Headshots

Donna Edelstein – ballroom coach, respected name in the ballroom world, gorgeous woman, and super kind person! IView full post »

Nightlife Magazine – Fall Fashion

Here’s a shoot we put together for an editorial in Nightlife Magazine on fall fashion and the “perfect dateView full post »

Ryan and Jodi – Engaged

This lovely couple and I had a blast shooting engagement photos in Iowa City! We actually shot in the little chapel onView full post »

Samantha – My Gorgeous Wife

I present to you: my greatest muse (my beautiful wife of two and a half months). Shot these on a walk with SamanthaView full post »

Allison and Emmy – Headshots

Meet Allison and Emmy! They’re both amazing Salsa dancers, fantastic people, and gorgeous women! Everyone needs aView full post »

Des Moines Ballroom Classic – 2012

I served as the official photographer for the Des Moines Ballroom Classic! Combining two things I absolutely love –View full post »

Venice – Carnevale di Venezia

Never before in my life have I witnessed such a stunning presentation of humanity, spirit, and culture as I encounteredView full post »

Trunk-or-Treat – Photo Booth

Today I shot a triceratops with two Star Wars dudes, a masked killer stabbing a Green Bay Packer football player, a twoView full post »


I am a world traveler – but don’t ask me what my favorite place in the world is. I’ll only say, “View full post »

Tallis – Professional Ballroom Dancer

Tallis is a great friend and an even better role model. If there’s something you love to do then why not make itView full post »

Practice makes Perfect – HAIR

Some creative Photoshop trial edits on my cheerful model – she’s a mannequin and the loveliest I’veView full post »

Leah – A Fierce Russian Model

Anything better than a super random photo shoot that just pops up out of no where? Nice to have this hottie around!View full post »

Holly – Headshots

A solid headshot is very important to have for just about everyone – actors, professionals, you, her, etc.View full post »

Logan – Senior Photos

Between trumpet playing, running cross country, and lifeguarding, Logan had time to look good in front of my camera. AndView full post »

Power Plant – Location Scouting

There are multiple elements that have to fall into place for a successful shoot: the model/s, hair, makeup, wardrobe,View full post »


Here’s Annie – these photos were shot in Italy. We were in the same study abroad program. Meeting greatView full post »


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